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Dish washing Liquid Dispenser - COB 4000 COB 5000 - Soap dispenser

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Material: Faucet head - Brass
                 Top of the body - ABS
                 Bottom of the body(water tank) - PE  




Cosmo dish-washing liquid dispenser fixed at a sink for installation adds beauty to a kitchen as its exterior is beautiful with easy operation and installation.



Brass faucet head:


Made from brass, meaning you don’t need to worry about separation or deformation during use and also it can be used semi-permanently.



Dish-washing liquid dispenser COB 4000(for 1CC):


Dish-washing liquid comes out by pressing the top of faucet head.



Dish-washing liquid dispenser COB 5000 (for 2CC):


1 pump spurts abundant liquid of 2cc, so no need to press several times for your convenience. 

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